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Starter pack for FORCE ONE 20 gas nailer

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Starter pack for FORCE ONE 20 gas nailer

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Starter pack with 1x FORCE ONE 20 gas nailer and 1600x XHA premium nails 3x22 mm.

FORCE ONE gas nailer:
With an insertion energy of 105 joules, the CELO FORCE ONE gas nailer is one of the most powerful tools available and ensures high-quality installation. The consistent gas injections are not affected by temperature, giving the gas nailer a reliable performance during use. With various nail lengths and a slim design, the gas nailer can be used for a variety of applications. The short contact stroke enables effortless work, especially when working overhead. The FORCE ONE has a sophisticated filter system at the inlet and outlet openings.
Battery type: NiMH

Compatible materials: Various: can be used in base materials such as steel, concrete, solid brick and, to a limited extent, wood. Can be used on floors, walls and ceilings.

XHA premium nails:
Premium nails suitable for hard concrete, steel, solid brick and hollow concrete blocks.
With grooved shank for a very secure hold in the base material.

Application area:

Electrical installations:
Securing various lightweight electrical installations (cables, empty conduits, cable ducts, lamp suspension kits etc.)

Plumbing and HVAC sector:
Securing water pipes, heating pipes, ventilation ducts etc.

Dry walling:
Securing dry walling profiles

Building facades/tunnel construction/motorways:
Securing insulating mats, moisture-repellent films, protective material for floor coverings, non-woven materials


Each nail pack contains a gas cartridge, sufficient
for 800 nails.


FORCE ONE gas nailer:
  • 4-year warranty on FORCE ONE (including service)

  • Insertion energy of 105 joules for high-quality installation

  • Reliable performance due to consistent gas injections that are unaffected by temperature

  • Versatile thanks to the range of nail lengths

  • Short contact stroke

  • Up to 2.5 nails per second

  • Very lightweight - only 3.6 kg

  • Highly effective dust protection

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Well-balanced tool