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Runposticks Comfort set

Cable feed sticks RUNPOSTICKS 19 pcs. Comfort set

Art.-no. 0695990030
EAN 9120045473100
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Runposticks Comfort set

Art.-no. 0695990030

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The new basalt technology facilitates extreme bending radii. Nevertheless, the rods hold their shape very well.
All connections have a RUNPOTEC thread RTG diameter 6 mm and have no abutting edges or thread crossovers.
The magnet can hold objects up to 2.5 kg.
In combination with the magnet, the ball chain allows for a targeted location or guidance to wall openings.
In addition, the special sliding hook is included in the Comfort package and can easily overcome obstacles up to 6.5 cm high using the tilt function.
The impact-resistant LED lamp, which is also included, has a very high luminosity and extremely long illumination time using AAA Duracell batteries.
The practical storage bag with carry strap is the perfect place to store all your accessories.

Field of Application:

Suspended ceilings, cable ducts, cavity walls, recabling for unrouted cables, underfloor chambers, various penetrations
and much more.


  • 30% higher load capacity due to basalt fibre technology

  • Plastic coating – preventing fibres from penetrating the skin

  • Extreme bending radius

  • Extra strong magnet

  • Sliding hook with tilt function

  • Impact-resistant LED lamp

  • Practical storage bag

  • Stainless steel connection pressed and bonded

Content remark:

5 x RUNPOSTICKS red (hard) diameter 7.5 mm,
3 x RUNPOSTICKS black (medium) diameter 5.5 mm,
2 x RUNPOSTICKS yellow (soft) diameter 4.5 mm,
1 x extra strong magnet,
1 x ball chain,
1 x eyelet with ring,
1 x catch hook,
1 x connecting thread,
1 x storage bag,
1 x special sliding hook,
1 x impact-resistant LED lamp


Length per rod: 1 metre
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