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ultra twist drill HSS-O
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ultra twist drill HSS-O

Safe plastic cassettes

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Safe plastic cassettes

Shock and break-proof twist drill cassette made from plastic


From ø 13.5 mm shaft twisted off to ø 12.7 mm


  • Ideal for power tools

Reduced chip warping: Reduced power consumption and less frictional heat

Utilizes 100% of the output of power tools

  • Top quality

Long service life

Elasticity according to the most recent findings

Optimised breakage resistance with all diameters

Can be reground

  • Turbo cutter

50% faster than conventional twist drills owing to tip angle of 135°

No centre punch required

Drills all conventional materials in the trade sector such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, plastics

  • Coating

The multifunctional steam oxide (Fe2 O4) coating is an adhesive oxide coating with a thickness of 0.010 mm and offers the following advantages:

Improved adhesion of cooling lubricant on the drill surface prevents built-up edges and cold shuts.

Improves chip discharge from the cutter - reduced heat development in the critical zone.

Increased surface hardness - thus improved wear resistance.